Good Ol' Hocking College

    Hocking College's orientation program, Smart Start, was as fun as it always is. Here's just a few of the pics.





    I found this image in my archives today. I wish this scene was real. I really do. On this day, I was leaving the coffee shop in the morning     and found this happening just outside. As I recall, it was some theatrical photography stunt to illustrate a poster warning underage
    students about illegal drinking and its consequences just before the Athens Halloween party night. This image, though fake, still might
    make it into my work somehow.



    Excess gas burns at a horizontal fracturing well in Noble County, Ohio.


I see the light

Water falling through a hollow cone of ice at Conkle's Hollow State Nature Preserve in Ohio.


Toast on fire

    Still working on this image, perhaps more burnt toast texture?


I've sold out

So many of you may not know that I am back in VisCom. I am pursuing the commercial photography track this time around. I have not left documentary photography all together, but I am focusing on a lot of photographic techniques that I thought I'd never really use. I even used the clone stamp tool last week. I am going to remain diligent in keeping these multiple photography personalities of mine apart. Though I do think the two fields contribute to one another in many ways. Blah blah blah, anyway, I am rather pleased how this image turned – cheesiness, lighting, polka dots, and all.
[no clone stamp was used on this image]


No Message

    Somewhere atop a reclaimed strip mine in West Virginia.


The Winter Games in Athens, Ohio

    The Winter Olympics should have been hosted here in Athens, Ohio. We've had just as much snow as Sochi – and our toilets work.